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Aaralyn and Izzy are just two kids trying to make sense of this great big screaming at it.


The brother-sister team first started performing in 2010, when Aaralyn wanted to participate in the basement jams of her brother and dad. No one was prepared for what came out of little Aaralyn's mouth that day when she got her hands on her very own microphone.


At just 10 and 13 years-old, Aaralyn and Izzy O'Neil have performed live on national television at Radio City Music Hall and amassed millions of views on YouTube. Their unique style and creative lyrics have earned them a dedicated following of fans, lovingly dubbed "Murpsters."


Recently, a new member of the band named AIdan has joined Murp! He is a guitarist with a lot of talent, and you can find him playing in our revamped version of our song A Rose By Any Other Name. He will be in more songs to come!


Whether the subject matter is zombies, lullabies, or the pain associated with brushing knotted-hair, Aaralyn and Izzy continue to grow and explore themselves through music, unhindered by society's stereotypes. Murp is not just a novelty - they are living art in motion.


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